Sunday, 20 November 2011

Model United Nations opening speech example

This is the kind of speech you might be expected to produce for the opening ceremony of a Model United Nations as an ambassador. The speech should not be very long and should only cover the most important issues for your particular country. It should always start with: 'Honourable chair, Esteemed delegates, it is an honour to represent (country)...'. 

Opening Speech: Poland
Honourable chair, Esteemed delegates, it is an honour to represent Poland at this the Royal Russell 29th annual conference. Poland wishes to tackle many significant issues through debate here. Firstly, we are greatly concerned by the rapidly growing threat posed by climate change. Clearly, global warming is a real and present danger and something that should not be ignored. We are also greatly troubled by the fact that basic human rights are being violated all over the globe. Child labour, euthanasia and racial discrimination are but three examples of the kind of inhumane acts which continue to transpire in this modern age of acceptance and toleration. Poland is particularly concerned with the lack of democratic progress in Afghanistan, where our troops continue to die alongside their allied comrades.
Poland would like to see bio fuels widely introduced as an immediate solution to the problem of climate change. Fast and decisive action is clearly needed to resolve this increasingly problematic matter.  We would also like to ensure that human rights are properly respected by all countries by making sure that human rights laws are more rigorously enforced. We would like the 2,500 Polish troops in Afghanistan to withdraw as soon as possible and their responsibilities handed over to local, Afghan troops.
Poland hopes that this conference will result in decisive, safe and effective resolution of many important issues. Thank you honourable chair, esteemed delegates.


  1. at the it right to say..."the delegate would like to yield the floor to the delegates/points of information"..?

  2. no
    i think its the EB's duty to open the floor for points

  3. ''and should only cover the most important issues for your particular country.'' You mean important issues of the country in general or issues that are included in the agenda of the particular MUN where the speech is held?

  4. Good afternoon delegates and honorable chair of the DISEC committee. "I warned them that we were creating a monster," said Selig Harrison to the CIA. Delegates we are gathered here to discuss the problems of the Arab Spring. The problem started in Tunisia by the Jasmine Revolution. The second problem is that it affects the economy of the nations affected. Also, the sanctions that the western nation will impose won't help at all, it will cause a catastrophic effect. Instead, what those nations need is humanitarian support. The western nations should keep their involvement to a minimum especially the United States whose CIA was held responsible for creating the Taliban organization in 1980 and the placement of the dictator on Egypt, Hosni Mubarak. Third, they had been broken civil wars in countries such as Lydia when they overthrown its dictator Gaddafi. What we can do to stop the civil wars is to send an investigator to those countries to investigate the problems and send us reports, so we are able to find a solution. If you agree with me lets meet during an unmoderated caucus.

    Good morning delegates and honorable chair of the DISEC committee.As said by Albert Einstein, "I do not know what weapons will be used in WW3 but certainly WW4 will be fought with sticks and stones." Fellow delegates, we are here to discuss the measures to deal with nascent nuclear states. First problem is that both nations, Iran and North Korea, want to obtain nuclear weapons. In 2013, North Korea threatened the United States with a nuclear war. Also, North Korea and Iran are unstable nations. As the delegation of UAE, a non-nuclear weapons program but yet UAE have signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty. Both of these countries should not get their hand in such power when both countries are unstable. Although Iran had signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty it can become a threat. The reason they are a threat is that they border Afghanistan, which is where the Taliban organization is located. The Taliban are well trained soldiers that don't fear death. As said before, North Korea and Iran are unstable countries and should not obtain nuclear weapons. A possible solution is to sanction them and stop global support such damaging their economies. Can somebody give it review of this.